Claydon V Drill

The Claydon V Drill was Claydons first design of seed drill originally designed over a decade ago by Jeff Claydon primarily as a Rape Drill, Jeff then thought that there is no reason that the drill couldn’t be used for Beans and Cereals, yeilds showed that he was right and the drill became very popular with farmers and remain so today.

The Claydon V Drill was the first machine to incorporarte the Claydon patented design that uses ‘in-line’ tines. The first creates breakage in the soil to allow for drainage around the seed and for easy root penetration, the second tine follows the path of the first tine and lifts tilth whilst injecting the seed, a press wheel and/or a following harrow follow behind to ensure good seed coverage and soil to seed contact.

The V Drill was designed on a V chassis to allow for better trash clearance and soil draft. It is a very sturdy machine made to last! The V Drill requires roughly 50hp/m to work efficiently.

Claydon V Drill
Claydon V Drill
  • Sulky seeding units allow individual metering for each seeded row as standard
  • The fully mounted design is incredibly manoeuvrable
  • The front tines are fi xed fi rmly into place by shear bolts
  • The seed tank is available in both 1200L and 1700L
  • Press wheels or harrows, or both can be used to reduce clods and give good soil to seed contact providing optimum germination conditions
  • The modular chassis means the size of the drill can be extended or reduced to make it possible to grow your machine if you take on additional acres
  • RDS Ultron Electronics
  • Tramlining Capabilities
  • Adjustable Seed Rate
  • Speed-Loc Technology on the seeding tines allows for quick change around and minimum downtime in peak season
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