V Rape Speed Drill

Using the Claydon Patented Seeding Technique the Claydon V Rape Speed drill allows farmers to establish Oilseed Rape directly into the stubble through minimum costs but excellent yields.

The dedicated Oilseed Rape drill dramatically reduces diesel, time, metal, labour and horsepower requirements whilst improving soil structure, timeliness and moisture retention, therefore also improving yields.

V Rape Speed Drill
V Rape Speed Drill
  • Dedicated Oil Seed Rape Drill
  • 4.8m working width, folding to 2.85m for road travel
  • 100a a day
  • 175hp required
  • 24 inch row spacing
  • High clearance to allow stubble and trash to flow through easily
  • Delimbe GPS control box
  • Delimbe T15 120L Electric Hopper
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